grasas animales Sandach para PCM

R+D+i New Project “Obtaining of PCM materials from SANDACH”

The main aim of this project financed jointly by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) consists of obtaining materials for the storage of thermal energy (PCM), by the use of by-products obtained in a processing industry SANDACH (animal by-products not intended for human consumption).

The success of this work will make possible to achieve other goals such as the research of alternatives to increase the value of lipid by-products that are obtained during the treatment processes of rejection of animals.

1. Studying how temperature, weather and ethanol quantity affect the obtaining of animal fats for their application as PCM.
2. Optimising the preparation process of organic acids epoxidised for the obtaining of enriched fractions and their application as PCM.
3. Studing how temperature and weather affect the preparation process of estolides for the application as PCM.
4. Optimising the preparation process of organic acids hydroxylated for the obtaining of enriched fractions in the application as PCM.
5. Studying the process for the elaboration of ionic compounds from elements obtained in the previous actions.
6. Studying the application of ionic compounds and other enriched fractions of fat acids coming from SANDACH material as storage agents of thermal energy (PCM).

The thematic objective of this study consists of the promotion of technological development, innovation and a quality research.